Quality manufacturing throughout

Here at SP Maskiner, quality is always in focus, and every head that leaves our factory is the result of solid expertise and a large dose of professional pride. Thanks to the attention to detail in every step of our process – encompassing everything from the choice of materials to the designs, welding, and final inspections – we always know that each head will work faultlessly upon delivery, and that the installation and startup will run like clockwork.

Every part of the head is carefully chosen to ensure that everything – from the material for the frame to components such as hydraulic valves, cylinders, sensors, and limbing knives – is of the highest possible quality. Our extensive experience and expertise within the field of head manufacturing have resulted in the decision to largely work with cast components, such as for the frames and knives, as we know that this ensures an extremely robust and durable head. The decision to use cast components also makes SP unique in our approach to head manufacturing, as does our attention to detail every step of the way. Careful component choices combined with extreme precision in all welding work ensure heads with maximized service lives and minimal frame maintenance. Our high regard for craftsmanship means that we always work in accordance with a controlled process to ensure perfect results every time.

No head leaves our factory without first being checked in accordance with our thorough testing program, SP Quality Assurance. This protocol describes in detail what is to be checked and which tests are to be run, ensuring that all functions are verified before delivery – leaving nothing to chance.

As a head manufacturer, we have established strict requirements for ourselves and are proud to say that our customers can always expect the best quality when choosing a head from SP.