SP 761 E

Harvester head SP 761 E - Productive and reliable debarking of larger trees

The SP 761 E is designed for one task only – one pass debarking of plantation grown eucalyptus. Highest debarking quality and productivity is achieved through a unique combination of specially designed debarking knives, replaceable bark deflectors and high-speed feeding capabilities. Thanks to the proportional pressure function on knives and feed rollers the debarking process can easily be perfectly adjusted for different conditions, resulting in the best possible debarking quality and a minimum of fiber damage.

The SP 761 E also offers an unrivalled reliability and uptime thanks to the state of the art hose routing in combination with the very rugged and protected design. The SP 761 E truly is a productive and reliable debarking harvester head.

The SP 761 E reaches top performance in stands with a diameter of 10 to 35 cm bhd, but is thanks to the LF principle also capable of efficiently working with larger tree sizes.

Cutting diameter
Optimum tree size (DBH) for highest productivity
Recommended working pressure