SP 561 LF

Customer benefits - Harvester head SP 561 LF


All of our harvester heads have smart, useful functions. Click on the circles if you would like to know more.

Knife Design

The delimbing knives are cast in high-strength steel and equipped with long cutting edges. This means that the limbs are cut off instead of being broken off. This minimizes friction during delimbing and allows the trunk to be fed through easily.

Proportional pressure

Proportional pressure ensures that the harvester head automatically works at the correct pressure in relation to tree diameter. This means that the friction between the trunk and harvester head is minimized and that the harvester head run at peak efficiency. Individual settings per tree species maximises production further.


LogHold is an evolution of proportional pressure and means that the delimbing knife pressure against the trunk can be reduced, without the risk of the trunk being dropped. If the trunk is about to fall, LogHold regulates the knife pressure so that the trunk is held in the right position. The amount by which the diameter may increase before LogHold takes action is set in the control system. No additional sensors are required.

Proportionally angled feeder rollers

This smart solution means that when the harvester head is fully open, i.e. at maximum tree size, the feed rollers are at their greatest angle and provide maximum carrying force against the trunk. As the feed rollers carry the trunk, the pressure on the delimbing knives can be reduced, which means less friction and the harvester head can feed the trunk through quickly and easily.