SP 661 LF

Harvester head SP 661 LF - Technical data

Learn more about the technology behind our various harvester heads. Here you will find everything from information about cutting and delimbing to weights and dimensions.


Metric US
Min. pump capacity: 200 l/min 52 gpm
Rec. working pressure: 26-30 MPa 3770-4350 psi


Proportional clamping pressure of the feed rollers in relation to trunk diameter, individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
Roller motors: 750, 820 cc 45.8, 50.0 cui
Multi-speed feed: 613-920 cc 37.4 – 56.1 cui
Max. opening: 630 mm 24.8”
Feed speed: 4,7-7 m/s * 15-22 ft/s *
Feeding force: 33 kN 8543 lbf
Proportional pressure:: Yes Yes

* Depending on feed motor choice


The SuperCut 150 is a very powerful saw unit with integrated chain lubrication and hydraulic tensioning of the chain. Together with SP’s QuickCut, this optimises cutting time and minimizes the risk of cutting cracks.
Cutting diameter standard: 700 mm 27.6”
Cutting diameter option EC saw box: 810 mm 32”
Chain speed: 40 m/s 131 ft/s
Saw motor: 32 cc 1.9 cui
Saw unit: SuperCut 150 SuperCut 150
QuickCut: Yes Yes

Topping saw (option)

Cutting diameter: 350 mm 13.8”
Chain speed: 40 m/s 131 ft/s
Saw motor: 20 cc 1.22 cui


Delimbing knives with proportional pressure. Individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
Movable knives: 4 4
Fixed knives: 1 1
Delimbing diameter tip to tip: 510 mm 20”
Minimum delimbing diameter: 30 mm 1.18”
Proportional pressure Yes Yes
LogHold: Yes Yes

Weight and dimensions

Despite its capacity to handle large diameter trees the SP 661 LF is, thanks to its compact measurements, also capable to efficiently harvest small tree sizes.
Width closed: 1360 mm 53.5”
Width open: 1820 mm 71.6”
Height, excl. tilt frame: 1730 mm 68”
Weight, excl. rotator: 1480 kg 3262 lb
Weight with top saw, excl. rotator: 1595 kg 3516 lb



The SP 661 LF is an excellent choice for use on both wheeled harvesters, tracked harvesters as well as excavators. To inquiry about the suitability of a specific machine brand/model, please contact your SP dealer.
Optimum tree size (DBH) for highest productivity*: 160-510 mm 6-20”
* Diameter at breast height, measured 1.3 m up the trunk.

We reserve the right to change specifications and design. Harvester heads pictured may have some extra equipment. All stated measurements/values are approximate and refer to standard equipment.