SP 761 LF

Accessories and equipment - Harvester head SP 761 LF

All of our harvester heads come with a high level of equipment as standard. However, a number of different accessories are available in order to optimise the harvester head for different needs, carriers and felling conditions. The most common accessories are described below.

For more information about accessories, please contact your nearest SP dealer or SP Maskiner.

Color marking
Used to optimize forwarding work when the assortments are difficult to distinguish by sight alone.

Find end function
With the aid of a sensor mounted in the saw unit housing, the head automatically locates the end of the stem at the push of a button.

Top saw
Simplifies the harvesting of hardwood forests with many crotches and the harvesting of stands with many top breaks.

Roller motors
Different size roller motors are available to optimize the head’s performance depending on working conditions and base machine size. Choose between three fixed displacements: 780, 934, 1043, and 1248 cc.

Light for saw unit housing
An LED lamp in the saw unit housing offers additional illumination of the work area.

Eucalyptus kit
Debarking kit for eucalyptus trees.

Stronger and more robust saw unit
A stronger and more robust saw unit thanks to a very large surface between the bar holder and the tensioning device. To be able to handle the toughest conditions, the tensioning unit and bar holder are hardened. The Supercut 150 can be used with both .404 and ¾” bar and chain.

3/4 ” saw unit
For fellings and conditions that require a more robust and durable solution.

Processor knives
Specially designed limbing knives that simplify and optimize the process of picking stems from a pile when the head is used as a processor for pre-felled forest.                                                                                                                                                          

Feed rollers
Several different feed roller models and variants are available to suit different conditions and needs.

Measuring system integration
SP harvester heads can be used together with essentially any measuring system on the market. This means lower investment costs and a quicker startup as the operator need not learn a new system.

Dasa5 complete measuring system
A complete measuring system is required if mounting the head on, say, an excavator or a tracked harvester. Choose between the basic system, D5 Bucking Prio C, the intermediate system, D5 Bucking Prio, and the most advanced system, D5 Bucking.