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Svein Røinås

Svein Røinås

Fourty-three years ago, Svein Røinås started working in the forest along with his father and brother. At that time, he operated an excavator and a chain-saw, and it was not until 1989 that he bought his first harvester. Recently, the company added two Komatsu 951 to the machine line-up, both equipped with SP 661LF.

-The good thing about SP 661 is the clean design, you can hardly see any hoses. And it is designed to be in the forest. The angled feed rollers makes the harvester head operates even better when the stem is large and heavy. But also, delimibing is good even in thin forests, so it can manage everything from large diameter stems to thin trees, says Svein.

When we ask Svein about his experience of the contact he has with SP he explains that it has always been a good relation.

-If I contact SP about spare-parts, I always have them the next day which is pretty fantastic. I have been in the forest for more than fourty years now and I haven´t had any harvester head as well designed as SP661. It is quality from day one and I can recommend it to all my compeditors, says Svein.

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