SP Stories

EISAB Skogsmaskiner

Eskil Isaksson

Forest machines have been part of Eskil Isaksson’s life ever since his childhood. Back then, it was his father who owned the machines, whereas today he runs the company EISAB Skogsmaskiner, which has four employees working in the forest and a fifth to drive the company’s semi-trailer. Their harvester, a Rottne H11, is equipped with an SP 461 LF, their fourth one and a head that Eskil is happy to recommend to colleagues who work with thinning.

  • “Since we started using this head, which has larger feed motors, we’ve increased our production by 10% for sure. They’ve really succeeded in terms of capacity for such a small head, and thanks to the patented angled feed rollers, I find that it holds the trees extremely well, even when harvesting larger stems,” Eskil explains.

According to Eskil, his SP 461 has several strengths, with its agility being a major advantage as the company works mostly with thinning and uses multi-tree handling on about 20–45% of its assignments averaged over the year.

  • “It’s a reliable head with a superb saw and low service costs, something that separates it from other heads. And then it has great diameter measuring and is among the front runners in Svea Skog’s length measuring competition. So, it’s an exceptionally good all-round head for initial thinning and a little final felling,” Eskil ends.