SP 591 LX G4

Accessories and equipment - Harvester head SP 591 LX G4

The SP 591 LX G4 can be supplied with a range of accessories to adapt the harvester head to different needs, carriers and felling conditions. The most common accessories are described below.

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Find end function
With the aid of a sensor mounted in the saw unit housing, the head automatically locates the end of the stem at the push of a button.

Roller motors
Different size roller motors are available to optimize the head’s performance depending on working conditions and base machine size. Choose between the configurations 500 cc/315 cc and 620 cc/400 cc.

Light for saw unit housing
An LED lamp in the saw unit housing offers additional illumination of the work area.

Separate length measuring unit
Hydraulically controlled length measuring arm that delivers extremely accurate length measurements.

3/4 ” Saw unit
For fellings and conditions that require a more robust and durable solution.

Feed rollers
Several different feed roller models and variants are available to suit different conditions and needs. 

Angled motor arms
Provide greater rotation of the stem and thereby more effective debarking of eucalyptus and acacia.

Measuring system integration
SP harvester heads can be used together with essentially any measuring system on the market. mellansystemet D5 Bucking Prio eller det mest avancerade D5 Bucking.